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*In order to ensure your review stays public on our site (once we get the front-facing website live) and to safe guard ourselves against a lawsuit the best way to word your experience is in the form of your personal opinion. Although a company may be “sexist” unfortunately that can be viewed as defamatory language and can lead to a lawsuit. OUR GOAL is to bring awareness to what is happening behind closed doors at these companies so that no one else ends up in these toxic situations. Please write the review as “I believe this company is racist because of X experience I went through” or “this is my personal opinion about why this company is X”

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We're on a mission to illuminate the shadows of toxic workplaces, and your experiences are the cornerstone of this journey. Although we're just laying the groundwork, your voice is crucial in shaping our path forward. By sharing your encounters with corporate toxicity, you become a pivotal part of a collective movement for change.

Did you experience a toxic workplace?
Was it a boss or coworker?
Did you experience that upper management was a “boys club”?
Did you experience that there was growth opportunity from the inside or did they hire externally?

We understand that sharing your story can be daunting. The courage it takes to reveal the truth behind your experiences is not something we take lightly. But know this: you are not alone. We are here to support you, to listen, and to provide a safe space where your voice can be heard. It’s stories like yours that pave the way for change, inspiring bravery in others who have faced similar challenges. Your truth has the power to illuminate, to heal, and to encourage others to step forward. Together, we can build a community of strength, resilience, and mutual support, where every story shared is a beacon of hope for those still finding their voice.


Data Collection:

Why are we collecting this data?

Great question! Our goal is to use this data to help build up more information on various companies, our end goal with this company is to bring awareness to what is happening behind the scenes at these corporations to help you as an employee not land another toxic job! 

How are we going to use this information?

Our goal is to build out company profiles for each company listed here and then provide a rating scale based on the reviews that are left. We also plan to pull in information such as, hiring practices, # of interviews, # of women in leadership positions, # of people of color in leadership positions, internal HR or external HR, among other things! 

Will this be anonymous?

YES! Your review will be posted anonymously, in order to ensure we we are able to keep the review public and make sure that we are not pursued in a legal battle (since we are bootstrapping this whole thing) you are protected under the first amendment through freedom of speech.

How do you plan to help/support the workforce?

Our plan to is to showcase job openings for companies through the company profiles, where you are able to read REAL reviews by people that have been working for the company. 

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